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Thinking you’d like a day pantry? Here’s what to include.

The pantry is back. Providing a stylish yet super-practical storage solution, the day pantry perfectly blends aesthetics with functionality to elevate your made-to-measure kitchen design that one step further.

The modern-day pantry takes its design cues from this most traditional of storage spaces but is reimagined with a whole host of personalisation options.

When it comes to including a day pantry in your new kitchen design, there are a few pantry design features we recommend thinking about to make sure your pantry looks and works in the best way possible.

A countertop shelf
The countertop shelf will be the main work surface inside your day pantry, and we recommend finishing it in the same or similar worktop to the rest of the kitchen. This ensures the inside of your day pantry looks coherent with the rest of your work surfaces, while also giving your pantry a considered and polished look.

The countertop shelf then becomes the ideal place for storing items you don’t want to display permanently, like your toaster, electric mixer, or additional chopping boards.

countertop shelf

Pantry door shelves
Making use of the whole space, adding wooden shelves to the back of your day pantry doors provides a great place for storing cereals, jars, and other condiments that don’t necessarily need to live in the fridge.

The shelves also look great and add a point of visual interest to what might otherwise be a plain door back, meaning you can leave the doors open and your day pantry will still look great.

door shelves

Storage drawers
The bottom half of your day pantry is the perfect spot to include additional drawer storage, which could be used to house anything from plates and bowls to tinned foods and cereal.

If you’re short on space in your main island or cooking run for a cutlery drawer, including one or two of these as the top drawers inside your day pantry is a great option, as they’re always easily accessible while keeping your cutlery neat and tidily stored away.

storage drawers

Internal pantry lighting
Incorporating soft lighting strips inside your day pantry will ensure you can see everything quickly and easily, while also offering a warm glow that looks great when your pantry doors are open, especially on an evening.

Make sure your pantry lighting is on a sensor so that it comes on when you open the pantry doors and switches off when you close them again.


A walk-in pantry
Not technically a pantry design feature, but if you have the space available, opting for a larger, walk-in pantry creates a truly dedicated additional storage area.

A walk-in or walk-though pantry can be a great way to make good use of what might otherwise be a ‘dead space’ – you can see in the example below how we created this walk-in pantry to bridge the space between the main kitchen and the door into the boot room.

walk in pantry

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