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Partner Profile: Julie Ball Designed Interiors

As a family-run business since 1978, we’re proud to partner with a network of more than 100 independent kitchen and bedroom brands across the length and breadth of the UK to offer Daval Furniture to their customers.

In this series, we sit down with some of our partners to find out more about them, their business – and why they choose Daval.

Meet Julie Ball, director at Julie Ball Designed Interiors, and a Daval partner.

Julie Ball

Hi Julie. What area of the UK do you cover and where are your clients based?

We cover Beverley, and all the surrounding areas within a 25-mile radius in East Yorkshire.

Tell us a little bit about your journey in the industry to date…

After studying Textile Design at Cumbria College of Arts, and Interior Design at Bishop Burton College, my first role saw me designing luxury bathrooms for Oliver’s in Hull.

From there, I was headhunted around the corner to EnSuite Design for a wee while, then was headhunted to Smiths Brothers in York. I then moved on for a change to sell German In-Toto Kitchens back in Beverley, and after a few years and fancying a change, I took a representative role for Jendico, selling bathroom & kitchen accessories.

I later worked for Pegler selling brassware, but I missed the design side, so decided to set up my own business that I called ‘Inside Story’, which I was very proud. This eventually evolved into Julie Ball Designed Interiors, which has been running for nine years now from my studio in Beverley.

I seems that I just love being part of a transformation!

Is there a particular Daval project you’ve worked on that you’re really proud of?

A recent client briefed me to design a fitted bedroom for her son. He needed somewhere to do his homework, wanted a window seat, and also somewhere to play on his Playstation – all with plenty of storage of course!

We chose Daval’s Mayfair collection with Dove Grey door fronts and Alaskan Oak interior. The client showed me a ‘minimaluxe’ image where the bed was upholstered all around the perimeter so it doubled up as a huge comfy sofa.

We decided to emulate this idea and upholstered in one colour for a seamless finish, and applied acoustic wall cladding that looked perfect with the scheme; so luxe, soothing, and sophisticated!

From this, we went on to design and install the client’s master bedroom, and then we moved into the entrance hallway to design more furniture to help organise and tidy away coats, shoes and bags, complete with a seating area by the door.

The only caveat was it had to be Daval furniture all the way!

What trends are you increasingly seeing in your projects? When clients are briefing you, what are they asking you for?

Apart from expecting well-built furniture, I don’t think I’ve done a project recently without the i-lite shelving material – I think it really elevates the design.

Ladies always ask about shoe drawers and men seem to like the Servo drive assisted cabinets, which has been an impressive feature to show to clients.

And of course, there’s always a demand for recessed feature lighting to illuminate open wardrobe storage.

How does working with Daval help you fulfil your client briefs?

I think it’s our shared interest in getting everything right for the client. We realise clients are spending their hard-earned money on making their home beautifully designed, and well organised. They are investing this money to be able to enjoy their home for a very long time, so we need to get it right.

Daval’s additional time and attention when assisting me with the ordering process has paid off with joiners and fitters on-site too. They have always strived to improve the whole service, and I can see they care in everything they do – and any company who cares as much as I do about getting the orders right for my clients, will get my support back.

And finally, what is your top tip for a client looking to start a project with you? 

Get in touch for a chat, I can give you an idea what my waiting list is looking like, and we can see if we are a good match for your needs. A chat costs nothing!

Contact Julie Ball Designed Interiors on or call 07846 349816.

To find out more about becoming a Daval Partner, please email

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