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Open plan ‘kitchen for dancing’ in 1960s home

Our client’s home is a 1960s-built detached property nestled in the bustling village of Almondbury, West Yorkshire. They recently chose to extend their kitchen to create a stunning, open plan living and dining area – with plenty of space for dancing being a top priority for the design! With large bi-folding doors leading out to an immaculate garden, the kitchen needed to achieve a light and airy feel to bring the outside in – and of course, leave with plenty of room for partying!

Cabinetry: Farnley
Colour: Charcoal & Putty
Handles: Armac Martin ‘Sparkbrook’ in Satin Antique Brass

When did you first start to think about a new kitchen, and what was the space being used for before?
I have a large extended family and my old kitchen always felt a bit cramped when we got together. I’d long considered using the patio for a conservatory but felt a better use of space would be to extend the kitchen to fill the patio space and make the kitchen work as an entertaining space.

What was your vision for the kitchen?
I wanted the kitchen design to make good use of the newly created space in order to make cooking and entertaining easier, but it still needed to feel cosy when it was just me and my daughter at home. I like the clean lines of shaker style kitchens, but I wanted it to look unique and have a wow factor.

Were there any particular features you wanted to incorporate in your kitchen design?
I didn’t really have a particular look in mind and was happy to see what ideas Daval came up with. However, I wanted the design to incorporate a pantry cupboard and it needed to accommodate my American fridge-freezer. I also thought a central island would be a practical use of the space and great for entertaining and being able to socialise while cooking.

How did Daval help bring your kitchen design to life?
I looked at another kitchen design but there was nothing different about it, and James at Daval keen for a challenge to ensure we made the most of the new space. Although the room is big, the placement of doors makes it a tricky space to flow. James was working with a client who wasn’t sure what she wanted, but he showed various options for the layout and location of the kitchen island, and we narrowed it down to one quite quickly. He also helped me choose seating and worked closely with my interior designer. His enthusiasm for the design was infectious. I loved it the finished design, although it took a while to realise that this ‘grown up’ kitchen would be mine!

What was the most exciting phase of the project?
I really enjoyed the planning process working with Daval, then seeing the flooring being laid and realising the size of the space. Then of course, the beautiful cabinetry being fitted. A defining moment was when the large piece of granite was installed for the counter-top – nature at its best. Our fitter, Craig, was so particular about each piece that I knew the installation was in good hands. and the whole Daval team made the process go smoothly.

Do you feel you have achieved your vision for your kitchen with the finished result?
The kitchen is above and beyond what I had hoped for. I’ve been able to get to know it and enjoy it properly over the last year. It feels great to cook in and has a cosy yet glamorous feel to it. Towards the end of the fitting, James thought an antique looking mixer tap would fit in well and match the door handles, I wasn’t so sure, and it was the only thing of the whole design I wasn’t sure about. I should have known that he was right, I had to admit it. The tap looked great! I was able to christen it with a small party, and my guests loved it. It works just as I’d hope it would and, most importantly, its great for dancing!

James listened to how I wanted the kitchen to work for me and created a beautiful room, with everything in it that I could have hope for, and more. A big thank you to all at Daval.

Notes from the Designer

Our Designer

“Our client wanted an airy, open plan kitchen with enough space to dance! Starting with an empty single-story extension to the rear of the property, the space needed to work as a kitchen with a formal dining table while also providing a zone to sit and relax. Importantly though, there needed to still be enough space to move everything aside and have a boogie.

We used open shelving in the design to help maintain an open-plan, airy feel instead of a solid run of cabinetry on both walls. Creating an L-shaped island worked with the slightly awkward positioning of the internal doors and made sure the kitchen flowed well, and we used wrap-around seating.

As the client is always entertaining, both main cooking runs are designed to face outwards so you can always socialise with guests no matter what area of the kitchen you are in.

In addition, we also designed a scheme for lighting and taps to ensure they matched all the hardware, using Jim Lawrence Club wall lights and shadeless Orb lights over the island to maintain the open plan aesthetic, and incorporated a Bora hob into the work surface to achieve a clean, minimal finish.”

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