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How To Design A Bedroom: Everything You Need to Know

Designing your dream bedroom may seem like an overwhelming task. But fear not! If you’re looking for how to design a bedroom to improve your home in 2024, Daval creative director, James, shares his top tips in this blog. Read on for his expert advice.

James says: “I always advise people to put bedroom storage at the top of their to-do list when considering their room layout to help them make the best use of the available space and to work with the architectural features of their room. Whether you are a fan of cottage core or prefer urban inspired home comforts, storage can make or break a bedroom scheme, so careful space planning is the key to a successful room layout. Bedrooms need as much care and respect as the more public rooms of the house so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in an organised and harmonious environment which is customised to your needs.”

TIP 1: Go for fitted furniture – Did you know that fitted furniture will create significantly more storage space thanks to its tailor-made qualities? Creating up to three times more space depending on application, fitted furniture will fit around you and the room in question rather than remain a fixed shape and/or size. Furniture that is ‘off-the-shelf’ may end up being too cumbersome or undersized and therefore not provide you with the right type of storage in terms of style and capacity: fitted furniture works harder for you and your home.

TIP 2: Zone your room – Firstly, you need to determine the area you wish to furnish as this will influence both design and style of your bedroom furniture, e.g. arrangement, storage options, door style and finish. For instance, angled end wardrobes are typically placed in close proximity to the main door as this type of design creates a free path when entering and exiting the room, as well as maximise available storage space. Ensuring free-flowing pathways and accessibility is really important especially in a guest room which needs to cater to all ages.

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TIP 3: Measure up properly – Avoid expensive mistakes and furniture which is out of proportion by measuring up rather than relying on your eye and your memory. Accurate measurements are key to planning, so make sure you check the height of your room, how deep and wide you want or need your furniture to be and whether you will have to accommodate any sloped ceilings or awkward areas of the room. Choosing made to measure bedroom furniture can accommodate heights and depths as there is no such thing as a standard bedroom, so you can effectively plan around chimney breasts, alcoves and back slopes that may ordinarily pose a problem. A premium brand will offer depth from 360mm to 900mm and width from 300mm to 1200mm wide: which is great for a large run of wardrobes along one wall so you can zone your storage.

Tip 4: Have a consistent style – We suggest a style that is comfortable and restful, simple or opulent and unquestionably bespoke. Authentic rustic design with modern clean lines is currently the look defining contemporary bedroom furniture that evokes texture, depth and character. Combinations of Grey Oak and variations of Blonde woods like Ash are great for creating this type of warm tactile aesthetic, along with sophisticated soft-touch linen effect finishes. In contrast, classic bedroom design is taking a ‘less is more’ approach with painted wood grain effect furniture and clean lines being used to create a timeless feel, even in the modern home.

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Tip 6: Go for practical luxury – The fitted bedroom furniture market is brimming with next level creativity when it comes to the design and interior arrangement of a custom fitted wardrobe. Dynamic functionality that is luxurious like ‘his and her’ drawer fitments that provide innovative compartments, hanging rails, luxury drawer inserts, shoe and trouser racks and specialist pull-out shelving to suit you are the latest bedroom favourites to hit the furniture market.

Having the luxury of a dual bedroom space has become a must-have addition for the modern home, bringing a greater sense of wellbeing and organised luxury to the bedroom. Able to serve multiple needs from one space, a dual bedroom scheme will work to serve you; creating a full bedroom suite with a dedicated area to sleep, dress and beautify.

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