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2024 trends: The Wellness Bedroom

2024 will see growth in the Wellness Bedroom, where supportive tailor-made storage is the go-to for creating a personal retreat, which is beautiful and self-serving. Daval managing director, Simon Bodsworth, explains more.

Simon says: “Wellness at home continues to rise in popularity as our lifestyle priorities change and our mindsets are geared more towards ‘working to live’. Consequently, home products which are designed to improve your health, fitness, sleep, and mindfulness have become top priority, and we are finding the bedroom is the ideal space to achieve a sense of wellbeing at home.

As wellness looks to the bedroom for inspiration, three search terms have experienced a 33% increase when compared to last year with ’Dressing Rooms’ topping the charts, followed by ‘Walk-in Wardrobes’ and then ‘Luxury Bedrooms’. Anchored by our love of personalised design elements in our homes, lifestyle-oriented bedroom interiors that provide the ultimate in convenient luxury are here to stay.”

Our Three Top Tips to Create a Wellness Bedroom

With the Wellness Bedroom firmly here to stay, here are our top tips for creating a Wellness Bedroom of your own:

1. Natural Raw Oak – One of the most popular timbers right now, oak is a renewable material when sourced from well-managed forests and is renowned for its strength and stability. Ideal for a high traffic environment like a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe, using oak will introduce the soothing tones of natural wood, which are known to provide stress-relieving effects that can help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure! Why not immerse yourself in nature and choose a contemporary timber like oak that will help protect your clothes delicate fibres while creating a comfortable dressing environment so you can really fine-tune your personal style and taste?

Image 1

2. Soft Curves – Don’t let the size of space limit your imagination as choosing the right style of furniture can overcome most design hurdles, and we are finding that soft curves are the preferred shape in the wellness bedroom. Relaxing and aesthetically pleasing, soft curves will naturally extend your eyeline to create the look and feel of more space, which playfully draws from nature. The subtle addition of gentle curves will help to balance more linear shapes like your wardrobe doors or master bed, and break away from the sharp lines and angles of traditional bedroom furniture.

Image 2

3. Earthy Colour Palettes – Grounding and comforting, harnessing the colours of mother nature will help to bring elements of wellness in your bedroom suite or dressing room. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors where land meets the sky, the wellness colour palette echoes the British countryside with shades of blue and green paired with natural raw materials like wood, leather and marble. In a world where change is constant, the bedroom has become the one place where we feel most grounded and so creating a cocoon effect with warm earthy colours is great way to restore calm and balance in your life.

Image 3

Simon concludes: “Bedrooms should be about enhancing wellbeing, so effective space management is critical to improving the overall look and feel of the space. From personalised organisation systems through to walk-in wardrobe arrangements to bring ease and order to the bedroom, made-to-measure fitted furniture with a focus on tactile, feel-good surfaces will optimise storage space and help to enrich your everyday dressing experience.

Don’t forget about your accessories either as you can introduce dedicated dividers or inserts in deep drawers to store your favourite jewellery, watches, and cufflinks”.

Feeling inspired? Contact us here to start your wellness bedroom journey, or head to the Find a Retailer tab to locate your nearest Daval showroom.

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