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Interview: Current State of the Bedroom Market

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director of Daval Furniture, explores the very latest trends in the bedroom market. 

What are the latest developments in the market and the latest trends in terms of materials, finishes, colours? The market is seeing a high demand for bedroom furniture that is comfortable and restful, simple or opulent and unquestionably bespoke. This notable resurgence for tailor-made furniture over ‘off-the-peg’ has expectantly welcomed new and exciting concepts to market, as well as atypical materials, finishes and original colour palettes. For instance, authentic rustic design with modern clean lines is currently defining the contemporary bedroom furniture market.

Textured handles are being considered for depth and character, with integrated accessories such as full length mirrors being built-in to the front of wardrobes for added value and practicality. Flexible LED strip lights are also key in the bedroom, creating a soft backlight or subtle highlight to a vanity area, internal closet space or deluxe headboard. Combinations of Grey Oak and a variation of Blonde woods like Ash, are extremely popular with our customers for creating a warm tactile aesthetic. It is this new mix of materials which are balancing the more avant-garde introductions of glass and mirror, or even just leather bound handle details to heighten the look.    

White gloss and cashmere are the go to finishes for more compact bedroom areas, providing high reflection and fluidity of design. Should you be working with a closed area like a dressing room, err your customers towards a more open plan system as this will organise and display everything from everyday, to the occasional items and ensure you do not overshadow the space with a rather oppressive mass of door frontage.

In terms of classic bedroom design, then less is definitely more. As such, painted wood grain effect furniture is the preferred choice when furnishing a more classic scheme. No longer are our customers looking to decorative pediments or cornices, instead they are opting for classic shapes with clean lines: a look that remains timeless, even in the modern home.

Many kitchen and bathroom retailers still don't sell bedroom furniture as they think it's not worth their time. What would you say to those who don't think bedroom furniture is profitable enough for them to sell? We are firm believers that high quality furniture should be affordable, and this ethos is one we try to filter down to our furniture retailers. With great design advantage, bedroom furniture is a highly flexible offering dependent upon the project in hand. For example, with simple adjustment you can alter width, depth, height and even the back slope dimension to allow for loft conversions or creating valuable storage out of redundant eaves space.

Walk in wardrobes are also a great add-on to bedroom furniture and it’s wise to remember, not every walk-in wardrobe needs to have acres of space just expert design and planning.  

What advice would you give retailers looking to add bedroom furniture to their existing offering? By increasing your existing kitchen or bathroom offering with the introduction of bedroom furniture, you can seamlessly add value to the initial project brief and serve a need that has been highlighted through consultation over uninvited up-sell. Opening up the home to a new set of interior solutions, such as home studies to libraries, media rooms and dining rooms will ensure your retail space becomes a complete interior solution for the end user whilst maintaining a consistent product quality throughout.

It is a common misconception that the market has a preference for freestanding at the top end, with fitted bedroom furniture dominating the mid to low end as a result of certain catalogue/chain stores. However, Daval is fundamentally a service based product offering instead of stock based. With that comes a freedom and design advantage to you the retailer, as well as greater margin for profit being able to cater to any room in the home from one site.

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