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Compact Kitchens all year round…

When creating kitchens, designers must look at how they can cater for clients with limited space that functions 364 days of the year but that can also cope with a huge celebration meal.

Storage will be a key consideration, as will worktop space, but what other considerations should the kitchen designer take into account? Viewed as a space for meeting, entertaining, creating and relaxing, the kitchen has become a true design icon of the home: whatever its size. We are firm believers that high quality furniture should be affordable, and this ethos is one we try to filter down to the market. With great design advantage, made-to-order kitchen furniture is a highly flexible offering for designers. Simple adjustment means you can alter the width, depth, height and even the back slope dimension at the design stage, allowing for awkward layouts and the creation of practical storage space.  

If we consider a kitchen that is limited for space then creating defined zones is key: especially if working with a dual living space. This want from the consumer has forced far more innovative and integral storage options to come to the fore, guaranteeing concealment of the practical elements which creates more space for entertaining! Tall cabinets and tailor-made storage options are allowing homeowners to use these solutions as a room divider or effective display area, storing kitchen utensils, herbs and spices. Designs that benefit from cleverly designed doors, such as bi-fold and coplanar sliding are perfect for hiding away large and small appliance. Not only minimising noise pollution, but the ‘right door’ will also create a reactive environment ideal for socialising. Furthermore, functional storage systems, such as dividers in drawers and small mezzanine racks are providing additional storage space in cupboards and pull-out rack systems, deep drawers, bespoke media units and combination shelving are also being considered as a way to create one complete area that caters to multiple needs.

Designers also need to consider both colour and finish of the furniture as this will influence the overall look and feel of the space. Whether it’s a matt or gloss finish, our Porcelain and Dove Grey have become our go-to colours when designing for a compact kitchen space. Providing high reflection and fluidity of design, this choice of colour will keep the area bright and create the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.

There is also a greater need for additional work surfaces, preparation areas and ever growing communal space in a hardworking kitchen that functions all year round. Bar extensions for dining and entertaining, dedicated cooking and preparation areas and built-in appliances or smart applications that are controlled remotely are now being seen as typical kitchen features. This type of design details is also a great way for homeowners to overcome limited space, yet still provide a dedicated area to sit, dine, prepare food, cook or simply socialise.

Incorporating island appliances such as a wine cabinet, pop-up extractor fan or necessary waste receptacle is the best way for today’s modern homeowner to keep everything in close proximity and maximise space: all the while creating a highly functional kitchen scheme that’s personal to their taste and lifestyle. 


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